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Tompos Dalma is an individual entrepreneur and the operator of the Fészek Café and Fűzfa guest house in Madéfalva. In 2018, the company won HUF 4,451,438 from Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt. Through a tender for the family-friendly and general development of the company.
From the grant, a complex wooden playhouse, outdoor covered swing, ping pong table, trampoline, small chairs and a table were purchased for the yard of Fészek country house and café as a family-friendly development, and as a general development karaoke machine, camera with lenses, flower boxes, bar stools, wooden bins, , sound equipment, TV, darts, microwave, lawn mower, laptop, printer, board games, sandwich maker, fan and party light were purchased.
A trampoline was purchased for the Fűzfa guest house to support family-friendly activities, and a tub and an event tent were purchased as a general development.
The support contributes greatly to the growth of the young business, the expansion of the café’s services and clientele, and provides relaxation for all age groups, from small children to adults, at different times of the day: while mothers with small children, young adults have fun.
The guest house, located in a very quiet green area, is a great place for families. A trampoline for the children and a bath for the occupying guests were also purchased here. And the event tent allows for larger outdoor events, whether as venues for baptisms or other family gatherings.
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